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Welcome to Quilt
Creating quilt labels is an adventure that began with a very smart embroidery machine, an even smarter software design program and an online auction account that had a big zero for feedback. 

We initially started making embroidered quilt labels for friends and family in Corpus Christi Texas.  Soon we found that others wanted embroidered quilt labels to add to their existing label designs and techniques.  We began offering quilt labels and quilt blocks on the website.  Eventually we started offering machined embroidered quilt blocks (specializing in red work quilt blocks) on online auction sites.  These were a popular item amongst quilters.  Of course we continued to do quilt labels and blocks for friends and family. 

Over time embroidered logos on shirts worked their way into the picture.  We also added custom embroidered designs for shirts and towels to our repertoire and we were off and running at full speed with a budding business and a growing positive feedback score on the auction site.

We hope you find this site a useful and encouraging resource for your hobbies or business aspirations. Quilt is a growing website. We will be adding new features and content as time moves on. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new photo and digital art section that is coming soon. 

Please check in with us soon!