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Every quilt is a story, each story has an author.

Design Ideas:

Quilt labels come in all different styles, shapes, textures, mediums and fabrics.  Just like the quilts they are attached to labels are designed and created in multiple ways.  Today most quilters know to attach a quilt label with at least their name and date and perhaps for whom the quilt was made.  Of course what is on the label is completely  up to you.  The art of hand stitching and designing combined with the technology and science of today offer many options for creating quilt labels.  Quilts labels may be hand embroidered, machine embroidered, ironed on, stenciled or even printed with ink. 

My personal favorite for a quilt label is an embroidered label.  The elegance and class that embroidery brings to any project is certainly not lost on a small or large quilt label.  Embroidery whether by hand or machine offers a quality unmatched by any other label creation technique.

If you are pulling quilts out of the cedar chest or closet and do not recall when you made them, it is definitely time to consider using one of the many types of quilt labels. You can find quilt label books, templates, stencils and ideas in "Our Store". Be sure to look under the "embroidery" section in the store for instruction on creating embroidered quilt labels.


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